Our rigorous process grants our products maximum quality.


Comprehensive analysis of the needs of each installation or application.


Designed to fit the solution.


Collection of different materials comprising the supply.


Folding and conforming of the different elements.


Folding and conforming of the different elements.


First check and verification of measures.


Welding application.


Second check and verification of measures.


Surface treatment, painture, shot-blasting, galvanized,...


Ultimate mounting of all elements.


Performance of test protocols to all machines.


Second check and verification of measures.

Our facilities
About us

DARTEK S.L began its activity in the Spanish industrial sector in 2008 under the license SKAKO COMESSA, as a result of its founding partners’ concern in offering a full service in the design, production and sale of vibration machinery for the manipulation of bulk solids.

Comprised of technical personnel with 15 years of experience in the sector and a boiler making workshop with 50 years of experience in manufacturing vibration machinery, it focuses its efforts on offering the maximum quality, technical innovation and service to their customers.Quality backed by the experience of the well known brand SKAKO COMESSA and supported by the experience of its technical personnel. The work process in the manufacturing zone is subject to strict quality standards.  

Dartek SL began its activity in the Spanish industrial sector in 2008, with the license SKAKO COMESSA and as a result of the care of its founders to offer a complete service in the design, manufacture and sale of machinery for handling vibrant bulk solids.


Technical innovation offering full service in the design of machinery and its adaptation to the needs of each customer, involved in each project and offering global solutions for each industrial process.

Guaranteed service from the company’s different areas; design, manufacturing, commissioning and after-sale service.

DARTEK’s main goal is to develop equipment adapted to current and future applications in the industry which allow individual solutions to be found for each process, for the purpose of strengthening the customer’s position in the market.

We give our best every day to reach this goal through our experience, flexibility and knowledge of the current situation of our customers.