Densymetric separation tables are successfully used separating a wide number of products with an application in many industrial sectors, amongst them:

- Recycling: compost, glass, shredded cables, aluminium scrap, shredded cars, stainless steels slags, granulated rubber (NFU), splinter, sawdust or wood chips, etc.

- Mining for the enrichment of minerals: anthracite, lignite, coke, mica, lime, dolostone, pumice stone, baryte, lead, fluorite, manganese, magnesite, etc.

- Other: - Marc, or grape pulp, cereals, coffee cherry, green beans, etc.

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Materials with similar grading with a different real density which, together with other circumstances which must be taken into account as well as their shapes, humidity, etc. allow high efficiency separations.

Densimetric separation with air can be used with up to 80 mm fractions and it normally requires for previously classified materials through a screening in granulometric strips, whose size relationship will be bigger or smaller according to the features (real density, shapes, etc.) of the products to be separated.