Vibrating motors Italvibras
MVSI series represent the product line constituting a reference point for all vibrating machine manufacturers and installations, which work in multiple industrial sectors.

It is composed of the widest range in the market, with spinning forces values up to 30500 Kgf (300kN).

It is characterized by the continuous technological evolution within the framework of a continuous improvement of its features.

The MVSI series has been designed to guarantee elevated features in all types of use and atmosphere conditions and complies with the most recent international IEC and EN standards on its use in potentially explosive dust atmospheres.

Specially, MVSI model can be used in zones 21 and 22

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Technical features:

24V to 690V, 50Hz or 60hz three-phase voltage or 100-130V to 60Hz and 200-240V to 50Hz single-phase voltage

2, 4, 6 and 8 standard , 10 and 12 special poles upon request.

Continuous service (S1) at the maximum centrifugal force and the electrical power declared.

Centrifugal force:
Range up to 30500 Kgf.  (300 kN)

Isolating class:
F (155°C) class, H (180°C) class upon request.

Electric motor:
Three-phase and single-phase asynchronous type. Isolated winding by means of its vacuum encapsulated up to size 35; by means of a “drop to drop” system with class H resin for bigger sizes.