Electromechanical drive vibrating conveyors

Vibrating conveyors can transport the majority of materials, from powdered materials, to 1 meter diameter rocks, with a very reduced wear and a minimal maintenance.

The transport of materials is performed through straight-line micro-fluctuations. Material is transported through air the vast majority of the time resulting in a minimum wear and deterioration of the tray and/or coating.

Given that there are no mechanical devices in the path of materials, vibrating conveyors are long lasting and require minimal maintenance.

Transportation through vibration is soft and respectful with the material, causing a minimal degradation on it.

Vibrating conveyors can be supplied airtight to prevent leaking material and therefore to protect the environment.

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According to their drive, vibrating conveyors may be:

- Electromechanically driven

- Electromechanically driven (vibrating motors)

     *Italvibras vibrators (worldwide leading brand)

- Unidirectional (materials advance one-way)

- Bidirectional (materials advance one-way or the opposite way)

- Natural frequency

- Eccentrically and rod driven

- Driven by vibrating motors